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Full Version: MyBB loading slow again?
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Am experiencing very slow sluggish loading issues since past couple of hours.

Is it only me or everybody?

Delaying around 6-8 seconds or sometimes even more. or ubers?
Mybb .com is ok but uber is slow. maybe your host.?
I have posted this thread in Community & Site Issues, so its obvious I am talking about MyBB?
It comes and goes but I notice it happens oftenish(yes I made that word up) around the time you posted (or I'm crazy) which makes me think they might due backups around then.
Looks fine now though.
there seems to be a pattern in terms of "sluggish time"

I do notice this though
Yeah, sometimes the server load increases, most prolly some cron jobs running around that time.
i've noticed this as well at times.
It is very slow now.
I'm getting 502's.
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