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Full Version: MyBB loading slow again?
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well cloudflare helps against some attacks as well. it's free too.
(2012-02-26, 07:58 PM)agnxnetworks Wrote: [ -> ]well cloudflare helps against some attacks as well. it's free too.
I guess many people might have problems with it, that is why Chris is not adopting it, btw, he might have his own reasons of not to choose to.

well if you don't take steps to make your hosting arrangement better than you can't complain about it being slow and getting attacked.

and many people use CDNs and not run into issues, just about all the major sites use them. Most of those sites use Akamai CDN, Limelight Networks CDN, EdgeCast CDN, and Cloudflare. Those are the most used CDNs. If this site were to go with one I would suggest Edgecast. They are the most upfront company and they are the most stable. They are cheaper then Akamai.
I don't see much point to these threads. It's already been established countless times that there are periods where the site is slow, but bumping this thread every time it is won't help the situation. The best thing you can do is be patient and wait for things to be resolved. Chris is a busy man with larger projects than MyBB to manage.

Changes will be made accordingly, but I don't see this thread going any further than what has already been discussed.
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