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Full Version: Alien-Space
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This theme is still under construction... But I wanted you have a look at it to see what CAN be done with MyBB themes.

Note: the on-click "Navigation" button which replaces a lot of links in the normal MyBB themes.. Big Grin

Yes! It will be available when it's finished.. Toungue

56K'ers may not appreciate the graphics loading times... But that's what extreme styles do.. unfortunately. Sad
i dont like the bg Sad Sad
The logo that u created is a bit pixellike but for now its oke
The "logo" is a throw-away to be replaced by whatever logo / banner you wish to use..

The background is interchangeable with any background you wish to use...

As stated..... It's "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".

"Moan"... When it's finished. Or be constructive and contribute something to enhance it.. Wink
I dislike the background as well...

And all of the images are grainy and pixelated.

I do, however, love what you have done with the tables (transparency). Big Grin
For Christ's Ryan.. I use PhotoFlitre to create the graphics..

I don't have an urgent need to purchase something better at $XXX amount of dollars just to keep the natives happy.

If you want to create and supply better graphics, you are more than welcome. Toungue

I could use another javascript I suppose to have the background in a "Space-Warp"... like you are travelling through time.... GIMME a BREAK! Toungue

Criticism is welcome... So long as it's constructive and you put something forward as to the other alternative, or contribute to what you think it should be, graphical or otherwise... NO-ONE gets paid for this.... Sad
I love it love it's still a WIP though.

I suggest a fixed width though so that you can center the background. I am 1280x1024 and the background is smaller.
I like the background. It's kind of cool. I also like the navigation menu! Would love something like that on my forum! Also, the new reply/new thread buttons are cute! Big Grin I also like the transparent tables!
When you complete this I have a perfect site to use it at. Smile

let me know
why don't u fix the background, so, if u scroll down, the bg do the same, in this case, u wont have empty spaces like at the bottom
The background looks fixed to me??? Unless he just now did it?
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