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Full Version: FootballWrestling Forums | Newly Released!
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Football Wrestling Forums is based on Football & Wrestling, I have recently been working on adding stuff to the website and just getting better with MyBB, I had to fix a massive problem with the shoutbox, I have added all the section and created reasonable threads too!.

(- I am getting a new logo made now! too.)

I will be posting all the recent news on:

- All Wrestling Shows
- All Football news/shows ect..

I have also added a section on the general too!

I understand the forum isn't to the best standard but I would like you guys to advise me what I should change, add to the forum to make it a better place since most of you guys are advanced MyBB Forum Owners!.

It means a lot to me if you signed up!
Thank you

Damn. Was hoping someone had finally combined football and pro-wrestling into a single hyper-macho sport of annihilation.
Lmfao. Where's the link?
Could you provide a link please?

Edit: Ninja'd
Sorry, I forgot to add the link -.-
It's still wrong in your OP... Jesus Christ.
Its not?
Well it is ok now because you fixed it. Accept you had it wrong.

Why is your header showing a totally different name and image to the forum url?

If I go to a site called football and wresting then I am surprised to find it is called Ultimate Gaming
no content, bad theme, too many forums blah blah blah

would it kill you guys to read feedback in other people's threads before starting your own?
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