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Full Version: [WIP] Re-visiting MyBB, some progress screens
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As I have stated before that I haven't had much time to get much done as of late due to situations currently beyond my control..., I do still try to get a lil bit done on this or that whenever I can get a chance. Recently I finally found some old unfinished files that I one never finished and two never released when I initially returned briefly to re-visit MyBB in 2011 ( ie: "[WIP] Now returning to MyBB themeing, some progress screens" ) that I have decided now upon finding a few snippets of old unfinished work to start finishing up now for 1.8.x.

Some obviously I had already gotten to and have now been released,  but  currently I am deciding to finish up at least "Magicalsky" which I never finished nor released.

[WIP] - MagicalSky ( "a 2011 unfinished non-release" ) -  Current progress:

[Image: 9iuvr6.png]

Currently working on removing all the modcp and usercp side menu and adding to welcomeblock dropdown whenever I get extra free time

[Image: o6wks9.png]
[Image: 2usj2gk.png]

Coming along....
[Image: muewc8.png]

Current Progress:
[Image: 2j0i3ye.png]

Still have a bit that I want to finish up on this and clean up/fix..., but for anyone interested in this "as is", here is my progress so far: [attachment=37788] * Please note that this is currently a work in progress and is presented "as is"..., I will update the attachment as I progress further on this particular project....
I have not gotten a chance to do much theme work as of late and what little time I have had on the computer has been taken up with support requests..., plugin updates, tutorials,  etc, etc..., hopefully I will find some time to dedicate once again to themework..., but as of late my time has been limited, but I have had at least a  few bits of time to get to the following in regards to themework...

[Image: 97jqt2.png]
Wink Cool Angel
Please NOTE: I live on a bicycle and my computer and network time is very limited these days..., but I will try to get around to creating more whenever I can

[WIP] - MagicalSky ( "a 2011 unfinished non-release" ) -  Current progress:  * submitted to mods site pending approval

Current Progress:

[Image: 2j0i3ye.png]

And here is this one I threw together recently as a devel variant   in reference to:

Since the folder is too large for attachment restrictions here you can grab it here:

*** still need to clean up the color.css files specifically on topmenu and fix this lil thing or that, but eh, I haven't had much time to work on this lately and  it works enough to share progress

Basic WIP previews:

*Latest Progress:
[Image: 28saohh.png]

*older progress
[Image: m9pmxu.png]

[Image: 9fs76v.png]

[Image: t83q61.png]

As well as these in reference to:

Example 1:
[Image: 27x42ol.png]

Example 2:
[Image: fo3xi0.png]

etc, etc.....
Nice work . Best of luck
Happy holidays.., & a couple holiday related simple updates...

Happy holidays & also a  couple of non holiday related simple updates...

Welcome Guest
Shows a welcome box to guests on index and portal page.

Updated to version 1.6 for MyBB 1.8.x usage by: Vintagedaddyo
- Minor code changes
- Further localization
- More in-depth guest message

MyBB 1.8: Yes

Ajax PM Notification
Checks automatic for new PM in background.

Author: querschlaeger
Submitted: 29th March 2009
Last Updated: 3rd August 2010

This plugin checks automatic for new PM in background and shows immediately a nice semitransparent notification box if there is a new one (or two, or three, ...). Every user can enable or disable this box for it's own by changing the setting Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message. in User CP.

MyBB 1.4: Yes
MyBB 1.6: Yes

[Image: 17cms0.jpg]

Updated to version 1.8.2 for MyBB 1.8.x usage by: Vintagedaddyo

- Minor code changes
- Minor directory changes
- Added alert sound

MyBB 1.8: Yes


Shows an Infobar at the top of the board to guests and users that have not activated their account.

Author: querschlaeger
Submitted: 2nd March 2009
Last Updated: 3rd August 2010

This plugin shows an Infobar* at the top of the board to guests and also users that have not activated their account.

It looks like the Infobar of Internet Explorer or Firefox and also have a nice hover effect.

MyBB 1.4: Yes
MyBB 1.6: Yes

[Image: 2gwciep.png]

Updated to version 1.5 for MyBB 1.8.x usage by: Vintagedaddyo
- Minor code changes
- Minor directory changes

MyBB 1.8: Yes

Happy holidays.., & a couple more holiday related simple updates... fireworks & snowflakes plugins...

and another non holiday related share...


Adds beautiful dark rain to your board.

Author: Vintagedaddyo

This Plugin is perfect for dark rainy days. It adds dark rain to your board with the option to turn the dark rain on or off via the user cp

To install, just copy the files from the ZIP-archive into the right directory of your server and activate the Plugin in the admin control panel.

MyBB 1.8: Yes

[Image: 53nvur.png]

[Image: 21dg5mg.png]

[Image: axk8k8.png]
Because this plugin places a dark canvas in the background it modifies the background properties of body #logo and #content...., it also overrides font color for those as well as for .navigation .active and .navigation…,

body and #content are marked as !important for override but I left #logo without !important so that if you are using the color_whatever.css in say the default theme you can go into say for example color_black.css and find #logo and mark as !important to override


#logo {
    background: #202020 url(images/colors/black_header.png) top left repeat-x;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #000;


#logo {
    background: #202020 url(images/colors/black_header.png) top left repeat-x !important;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #000;

And yet another non holiday related share per user request...., MyForumIcons Basic FA (DIY) & MyFontAwesomeIcons.....

Happy holidays! Angel

And yet another non holiday related basic update share....,

Last User's Threads in Profile
Display last threads in user profile.
Author: ATofighi
Submitted: 19th January 2013

Updated to version 1.1 for MyBB 1.8.x usage by: Vintagedaddyo

- Minor changes
- added language files and further plugin localization
- fixed that styling to work with 1.8 as it was showing first and last rounded
- added license and readme

[Image: 2ltm16s.png]

Just a lil warning: switching the rain to rainbow colors and increasing the speed while playing with the umbrella might distract you from the outside world .., haha! There at least I warned you...

Not much to report as I haven't been around in awhile, nor have I done much MyBB related stuff lately..., but, I figured that I would at least update this thread to share at least a quick glimpse at a little bit of simple help I did for one of the users here who was using some of my older themes and needed a hand:

[Image: 35k8vb8.png]

[Image: demiiv.png]

Again not much else to report as for the most part when I get time I will be updating a handful of my older themes and any plugins that may need it..., and hopefully then get some time to work on some new themes...., like for example this "devel" variant that I am currently tinkering on from time to time:

[Image: efhw2g.png]
(2016-10-29, 08:54 AM)vintagedaddyo Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-10-22, 08:53 PM)vintagedaddyo Wrote: [ -> ]Eh..., oh well even though I haven't had much free battery power and time to to get much done these days.., I figured I would share this lil project..., it is not perfect nor have I had enough time to focus on every little detail...., but it gets the basic job done so I figured I would share the progress at this time:

Pretty much the idea was to put together a simple package so as to have a temporary responsive install of mybb by default  before 2.0 comes around..., All the colors of the default theme are included...

MyBB 1.8.8 Responsive on install: * /  ** / ***

Can't upload here due to file upload size restrictions as it is the entire MyBB install package..., so grab it here if you want for now:

Current progress/latest

Download: Here

* credits to: chack1172 , Ashley1, Vintagedaddyo and of course the MyBB Group
[Image: 205blw0.png]

[Image: 1zgye6p.png]

[Image: oi7uds.png]

[Image: 2m50xmp.png]

[Image: 15i6bmg.png]
[Image: p7rwo.png]

[Image: zwe3aq.png]
[Image: 12375mf.png]
[Image: xarlux.png]

[Image: 10x7ekw.png][Image: mjvndw.png][Image: 5lo4gj.png][Image: o0rvie.png][Image: xn679d.png][Image: xkucmt.png][Image: 2zdpyk1.png]

** I will post more screens as I get to this or that when I have time to focus more on this project..., including the admin cp which I haven't yet fully dug into the css to make it specific for this install..., currently it is rather basic to get the package avail..., but I planned to make it more matching to this package....

*** also plan on getting to the actual install process redesign as well as redesign of documentation if and when my time allows....

(2016-10-25, 09:40 AM)vintagedaddyo Wrote: [ -> ]Eh, I had a few minutes of time, so I decided to play with the "Documentation" for a quick minute:


[Image: 308857t.png]

** Have not had much to get to much and still have a bit to do on modifying the ACP specifically for the specific package but here is my current progress:

* I may also modify one of my gentel dark versions as a secondary acp style so as to be like mybb used to have 2 acp styles by default install

10/29/16 * I haven't added my current progress on the acp displayed below to the current download package yet as I would prefer to get more done on it before adding it

[Image: jjr2qe.png]
[Image: 1jewg.png]

[Image: 2lnbwuc.png]

* I haven't added my current progress on the acp displayed above to the current download package yet as I would prefer to get alot more done on it before adding it, but if you want it as is currently at the current progress stage well, then grab it here:
*note this is as it is currently in the install package but is still currently a work in progress and I will be making improvements when my time allows..., downloaders please note this is released "as is" and is not final

If you absolutely need it in the package and don't want to add it yourself with the found above, then for now here it is in the full package for download: Here

Note: * I did  not plan on adding it yet to the actual full download package until I get a bunch more done on it that I have planned and have yet to get the time to do so as well as clean up a few things I have noticed I need to get to but haven't had the time yet. I will update the full package as well as this attachment when I get further along progress wise on this. * Update: I added it currently as is to the full package but plan further improvements

** I still also plan on continuing to improve the other aspects not relating to the acp as well of the project package if and when my time allows and will update said packages when I get around to it.

Haven't had much computer time lately due to circumstances beyond my control but I will try and get to working on more of this hopefully if and when my time allows.

* will most likely by <-snipping-> any okd content or remaining posts I haven't already gotten to if and or when my free time allows for reasons I will not elaborate upon , but, hmm, haven't looked at this much since 2016 and only quickly did 1808 through1812   but maybe I should tinker with it again for giggles in the near future... as I had almost forgotten about this project
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