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Version 1 of the MyBB > IPB theme conversion. Original IPB design by James A. Mathias. This design contains NO file edits. Straight template and css edits. In v2, to grasp the IPB version that much more, I may make some file and language edits with a file stating what you are doing, files to put it back, and a way to keep it optional Smile.

[attachment=6042] [attachment=6043] [attachment=6044] [attachment=6045]

Installation instructions:
1. Download and extract the theme zip file
2. Upload the included image folder to your .MYBBROOT/images directory
3. Import the theme's xml file into your Admin CP > Themes > Import
4. View it in your User CP > Edit Options > Board Style > IPB.

Please do not redistribute this with out my permission. Please keep the copyright as it is unless you are willing to pay to remove it.

Thanks, hope you enjoy this theme.

Theme has been removed due to wrongful use of the images. Awaiting legal version 1.1 in the coming weeks! Thanks, Audentio.
nice skin good job i mite put this on my mybb maybe but good job looks very good.
Thanks, glad you like it Smile.
Nice theme
i know its the first IPB theme i have seen Smile
Great looking theme... Thanks for sharing!
Hi Audentio, Toungue

I'm gonna use that nice skin to make people think I pay for what I do... Lol!

Good job mate, it's difficult to tell them apart. ;P
Nice one, Audentio. Smile
Thanks for sharing. I like it!
I've just talked with IPB, even though I have been trying to get in touch with them since I started the theme. I cannot use ANY of their images, including the default css images, forum markers, thread markers, buttons, banners, etc. In other words, this theme cannot be released I am afraid Sad. I heard from two different parties on this issue, one said I could release without using the buttons, another said not at all. The second party had the final say, so I will just have to remake this IPB theme using only my images.

This theme, or so I hear, was requested by a few people and to you I am sorry, there's nothing I can do.

If you installed this theme, please remove it for IPS says that we cannot release the theme or use it, though they do send their apologies.

InvisionMyBB will not go abandoned though, I will just have to remake it using my images, like I said before. Expect v1.1 in the coming weeks. For now, I have removed the zip file from all the places I have released the theme and send my apologies to everyone.


P.S. To the staff, sorry, and you are free to close this thread or keep it open until I can get the new version out or let others discuss the next theme Toungue. Sorry again.
ive never been a fan of ipb however you really have done a good job with that
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