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Full Version: MyBB FancyBox v1.1.2
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New bug fix version is available, please update Smile

Thank you @Laird for your contribution!
If I hide link under image then on click on image, image zoomed instead of open link.
[url=] [img=200x300][/img*] [/url*]

How to open link instead of zoom image if link hidden inside image like above?
Here plugin not installed so you can't see here.
Please guide.
I can't reproduce this. When I save that MyCode into a post and then click on the image, I get taken to Google.

Which version are you using? The latest is 1.1.1.
Please check your ACP settings...
Thank you..I have to set the first setting of detect URL to NO. It works.
New version 1.1.2 is released Smile

Just overwrite old files if you are updating directly from v1.1.1.
This is really a good plugin!
Thank you for your contribution.
Hello, Really like this add-on but have a question then I can't find it.

 I have installed this extension now and have browsed and tried it out under ACP but can not find this.

I want to get rid of the text below the image completely. Can anyone help me say where this feature is located?

[Image: k77jM5N.png]
It could be done via css, try to inspect element
can you make fancybox play selfhosted videos, like playing attachment videos using fancybox. thanks
I saw a website using fancybox and can play hosted attachment videos.
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