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Full Version: Symposium – Neat and modern conversation system
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Symposium – Neat and modern conversation system

Symposium is a conversation system which replaces the email-style native PM system. Featuring a seamless converter designed with backwards compatibility and big-boards friendly using recursive small conversion steps, Symposium is packed with a WhatsApp-style appearance, group chats support, (un)read status next to each message, last message preview, editor support for both new conversations and quick replies, and much more.

MyBBoost – Symposium beta 3

Free from 16 Feb 2021 - Download

[Image: A9eqoNl.png]

[Image: n0yYy3v.png]

[Image: 6L5n63L.png]
At last, I always say Shade is awesome Smile
Thanks for this plugin.
This looks amazing! Not that I am surprised, Shade, your work is always beautiful!
beautiful plugin, @shade.

I helped Shade test his converter script as I have a test copy of my big board with about 100,000 PMs on it...the script worked just fine.
Looks great!  I'm going to be installing it on my big board soon!  I am working on Bankpipe right now!   Cool
The current version does not need JavaScript. Future versions have AJAX planned for some functionalities such as sending and deleting messages, but a fallback will be always available.

I recently bought a subscription mainly so we could implant Symposium.
Incredible neat plugin and definitely a gamechanger as to the old private messaging system.

Had some issues with the default avatar and Shade helped me out with it.

Would recommend this plugin Smile,
Symposium has the pm space system integrated, because I cannot connect it

Sorry for my bad English
The third beta of Symposium is now available. This version steps up the game by adding a search functionality for conversation titles, the ability to delete messages, and support for group chats. It also fixes some reported issues and improves the general stability of the plugin.
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