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Full Version: Backing up and Restoring Databases
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How can I edit my.cnf file in the root
well i'm not sure about the max size! but i guess it is related to your hosting company!:/
I just backed up my board using phpAdmin and restored my DB using BigDump. I got this error when I went to access my board:

Quote:mySQL error: 1146
Table 'zaccaria_forum.mybb_datacache' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT title,cache FROM mybb_datacache

How do I fix this?

While setting up the exporting setting, have you made sure to select all of the tables?

Moreover, what did you select the type of import? UPDATE, INSERT or CREATE?

[TOOSLO Wrote:]
I keep getting a database is already created message. So I deleted the database, and then it cant upload because there is no username to log in as without a database, how do I get around that?

I'm having the same problem. My DB is too big to restore from phpAdmin (5.5 MB).Sad
create a full privilage new user with the same username and password of the old database

i guess u have a cpanel.

No, I don't. I use phpAdmin through What do you mean by creating a full privilege user with the same name and password?

Here's the steps I took to create the new (empty) DB:

I logged into the server with the username and password that I was given by the person who owns it (his login).

I went to a tab that says "Manage SQL Databases".

This takes me to the following screen:


As you can see at the bottom it says "DataBase name:
(must be not longer than 16 characters, incl. username_)
zaccaria_(this would be the name of the DB; in the case of my forum it's zaccaria_forum)
Retype Password:
(button that says Add SQL account)

I created the DB (zaccaria_forum) and reinstalled MyBB which gave me the default table structure.

Using FTP I uploaded a copy of my backed up DB (named zaccaria_forum2.sql) to my server in the following area: / so that the path to the DB is

Using BigDump which is located here: I ran the program and have the following screen (only part of it will be shown for relevance):


This is what I get if I click "Start Import into zaccaria_forum at":


Alternatively, if I delete the DB I get an Access Denied error due to the DB not existing. Here's the part of code from bigdump.php that accesses the DB:


(I starred out the password.)

Where am I going wrong with this? Sad
Read here and here

I opened up the file zaccaria_forum2.sql and noticed this line at the beginning of the file:

CREATE DATABASE `zaccaria_forum` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;

The database "zaccaria_forum" has already been created and when I reinstalled MyBB, it was populated with the default tables. I need help ASAP with this! >.<
remove the database you dont need, espcially this that has the same name as the one you want to import.
Now run the dump, it should create the database because it doesn't exist.

Now install my bb but on another database. after installing edit the ./inc/config.php to use the other database.

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