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Please discuss MyBB Development Blog Launches here.
Should be a very interesting read, I look forward to future posts Smile
That's great!
Thank you!
Thank you very much.
I will answer lots of questions, and make us even more eager to have the release.
Also, this should be a very intersting reading.
Thanks Chris.
wow thıs ıs excıtıng ı ask a questıon thıs ıs be ın 1.4 versıon
So we finally got you guys to cave in about releasing 1.4 info. Toungue

I kid, I kid.

Being serious, this should be pretty cool. Smile
So when's the first post? Toungue
Wow, neat! Cool stuff, Chris. I'm looking forward to read the planned posts. Smile
it appears to me like css url are wrong: <----> <---->

you have to remove the www so css can do its work Big Grin

UPDATE: now they work Big Grin
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