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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB Development Blog Launches
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waiting for news about 1.4. thank you...
Cool Big Grin Talking of blogs, it's about time I install WordPress on my server for news.
Thanks! I look forward to reading it Smile
Hey this is great cant wait till you guys add more things
Looking forward to this. A great and vital means of communicating matters to the user base. I salute you guys.
imo MyBB 1.4 should be priority at the mo instead of extra features to the MyBB site. Fair enough its a good idea, but its another thing to manage and look after, time that could be spent developing MyBB 1.4, its already behind the "estimated" date of release by a long way

Will this just delay it even more? (retorical question)
No, it will not delay 1.4 anymore.

The 1.4 articles are essentially written, the blog took less than 2 hours to develop.
This has been kind of over due now that I think about it. Rolleyes But hey it's nice to know there is one now.
Very good this is some that people will read a lot i know i will be :p
jackal415 Wrote:wow thıs ıs excıtıng ı ask a questıon thıs ıs be ın 1.4 versıon

The blog is on the official MyBB website to inform MyBB users about the latest information about MyBB development. It is powered by Wordpress, and there is no blog module part of the 1.4 package.
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