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MyCoppermine - Development - Status: 80%

Product Description
MyCoppermine see's the bringing together of MyBB and Coppermine. Now you can have a fully functional gallery on your forum which users can contribute to. Also with the built in comment system, and slideshow settings, getting the best out of your photos has never been better.

Development Status
Installation - 100% - Completed!
User Conversion - 100% - Completed!
Template Sharing - 80%

Beta Downloads
Expect your first beta download in the coming days...
Very excited about this. Big Grin
Sounds great, keep coming Smile
Just been busy trying to get the bridge connecting. I feel I have nearly done it, and it should be able to connect soon.

After that I will be creating a plugin file to grab template headers from mybb and insert them into coppermine.

More updates and screenshots are coming soon!
Nice, please keep us updated! Smile
For the users you may want to look at coppermines past bridges. Or, ask them when they are going to update their bridge (if they are going to do so) and just use it as a base Toungue.
Update! - MyCoppermine Bridge Complete!
I have finally finished the bridge file. It now successfully logs into both systems and logs out. I just need to update a few other files in MyCoppermine admin to show that the bridge works with MyBB 1.4 rather than MyBB 1.2

I am enjoying learning more about these systems, and stay tuned for another update soon!
Sounds great!
News are welcome Smile
I have almost finished it. Just uploading a copy to MyBB Workshop to test it;s functionality and find any bugs, before allowing users to download a beta version.
Hej, that sounds great Smile
Waiting exited for Beta Wink
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