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Full Version: [F] Imported users login to a white screen - $10 if you provide the answer
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I was wondering if you had any updates on this or not. I have had a few other members start experiencing this issue.
The only person that complained about it said that it has went away.

I still have a test account that does it every time. I've changed the password, the usergroup, signature - everything that I can think of, but it still cant' login .
I am having the same problem .. some of my members are redirected to white page..
any solution to this problem?

please help
Nah, I've pretty much given up on this issue.
My current work around was the have the accounts in question create new accounts and then I just went in to the ACP and ported over their post count, avatars and signatures from the non-functioning account to the new one. Not the best way to resolve the issue, but it is better than nothing.
I think I fixed this issue, but I am unable to test it because at the moment no one is claiming to have the original problem. Anyways here is my theory, test it out if you can. A member on my forum was complaining they couldn't see anything in the "Who's Online" section. I went in to the user groups permissions and sure enough the "View Who's Online" feature was unchecked. I decided to go through for shits and gigs and see what else might be unchecked and low and behold the "View Members List" option was unchecked. If this was unchecked then this would explain why when logging in you would get a blank members.php page, because it is set to not being able to be viewed.

Like I said I am unable to test this, but it sounds like a perfect match.
That's a good theory, but still a no go for my forum.
I have both "View Who's Online" and "View Member's List" checked for the group Registered users. I still get this problem...
I found something strange related to all the accounts that are not able to get in...all the avatars are larger than 65 x 65. Toungue
I'm not sure if that's the problem but it sure is a strange coincidence.
I have the solution. I just worked with someone to get this sorted out finally.

First of need to keep the loginconvert.php in the plugins directory and keep it activated. What happens is that upon login the script tries to convert their password if it's successful then it fixes the members password permanently. At least that's how I understand it.

The white page stems from a script error in loginconvert.php. "exit" should be "return" on line 179. Hopefully Ryan can fix this fast. If it's exit it doesn't return any data which it may need such as $inline_errors so it should be return instead which fixes that problem as far as I know.

Labrocca your a STAR!
Thank you labrocca
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