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Full Version: [F] Imported users login to a white screen - $10 if you provide the answer
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Thanks to labrocca I fixed this issue. I do have one piece of advise for those of you still having this issue. make sure when your changing line 179 to Return you have the file set to writable. I had it on 555 and my changes would not take. I then altered the permission to 777 made my changes to line 179 and wala it was fixed. Dont forget to change permission back after. Hope this helps.
I have had this problem but... when I put the file loginconvert, the white screen disappeared and when I tried to login with an imported user, the mybb forum give me an validation image... But the problem is that I dont see this image... What I have to do??
I never got my $10. Sad
This problem still occurs in MyBB 1.4.6 after merging from PunBB 1.3.2 using merge system 1.4 beta 4, and your custom file fixed it (the password conversion still doesn't seem to work, though, but at least the users are now able to ask for a new password and use it), thanks Smile
(2009-05-30, 06:41 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]I never got my $10. Sad
He doesn't visit the MyBB forums since 02-25-2009 02:39 AM.
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