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Full Version: [F] Imported users login to a white screen - $10 if you provide the answer
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(2009-02-06, 03:41 PM)Kamen Wrote: [ -> ]By "patch" do you mean the modified members.php file that is listed within that thread? Because that and the {$captcha} code are the only two things I am seeing as far as fixes and neither of them work.

They both work. That has been proven by our SQA Team as well as dozens of members whom have applied the fix. If it's not working then your doing something wrong or something else is interfering that isn't MyBB.
Well then how do I go about unlocking a users account that has been locked? He has waited well over 24 hours so if there is something that is set to auto unlock it after a certain time, it didn't. There is a possibility this fixed the issue but I can't tell cause his account has been locked out. And I have it set to 0 for failed log in attempts which from what it says disables that feature.
Did you change the lockout time? Try lowering it to 10 minutes.

Check your settings.php to make sure it's writable chmod 666.
I am not seeing that setting in the ACP to change the lockout time.
"Number of times to allow failed logins"


"Time between failed logins"

Those are 2 settings. You can just type "login" into the settings search for quick results. And again...make sure your settings.php is writable.
I have Number of times to allow failed logins set to 0 to disable
Time between failed logins set to 0 (was 1)

Still get the image without an image page for only some folks. I log in as them after changing pw and keep getting it.

Am looking for that patch mentioned. It was only about 2 weeks ago I downloaded and install but patch is more recent.....?

UPDATE - It took a few searches to find but YES...

The cure for me is the new member.php file.

I've only spent the last four hours trying to fix and find the solutionSmile

Will re enable the failed logins and time between to not 0.
(2009-01-25, 06:48 AM)Ryan Gordon Wrote: [ -> ]Please try this file: (goes in inc/plugins/)

Hi, I uploaded your file and the members with the error of "page white", now has "password incorrect" Undecided
Ok, thanks, now works fine Smile
I just used latest merge system and it still says "exit" where it needs to say "return" and the blank page occurs because of this.
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