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CustoMyBB has relaunched! We're now hosted by WireNine (great support & uptime IMO) and we have a TLD! Our new URL is:

So, what's new? Well, I've created a custom theme for it, I purchased a subscription to MyBB Central (thanks for the great plugins Jesse!) so now we have some cool mods, and I've changed the theme from just themes to MyBB Support & Customization.

We now offer a subscription service, which isn't overly special, however it includes the following benefits and more:

- Rights to remove any copyrights from themes by me (Scoutie44)
- Unlimited PMs, Reps, etc.
- Access to special sections (not currently populated, I know)
- Etc. etc.

Anyways, I'm proud to relaunch CustoMyBB today!
It seems pretty empty =/

But it does look good Wink Good luck
It only opened today from the looks of it.

Good luck with it! I suggest showing previews on the thread. I know you have the link, but I reckon it is better if you let guests view it.
Oh, forgot about that Toungue
I overlooked the 'Can download attachments' setting for guests; now they can view and download themes.
You should put members only for downloading themes to attract more members imo Smile

When I said making the pictures available for free, I meant something along the lines of using photobucket to host the image or something Wink
Personal choice; I would rather let the users register for discussion purposes rather than to just increase my member count.

I will consider external image hosting, but for the time being I will stick with attachments Wink Thanks.
Looks nice. I registered under the username Josh. Looking forward to some more themes from you!

The email didn't seem to come. =\
Nice theme simple but effective, Also your thread display page is all messed up in latest opera.
The CSS for the ratings just failed to load, clear your cache and it should be OK, it's fine for me.

I also like that theme though, very nice Smile
Very smooth theme man, good luck with your board Smile
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