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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.0 Released
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My subforums are not listed any more on forum index page after upgrade.
What is your setting in Admin CP --> Settings --> Forum Home Options --> Subforums to show on Index listing?
The setting is set to 100 but nothing change
I've done it. What I done wrong was I overwrited on config and setup and not to lose my database I took the backup from phpmyadmin then I installed new version and I re upload my database and this problem happened.

Now I ran update.php and now everything is normal
Great! I'm working on updating mine right now Wink
yey! wooooo i will upgrade later, yey! good job it looks nice!
Avatar and signature can not be viewed with firefox but no problem with IE.
i like the new theme.
Congratulations Surfi and everybody else at MyBB!
Excellent job, Chris!
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