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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.0 Released
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Flaw Wrote:Question, how come when you go to install MyBB 1.0 the install page says that it's PR2?

I had the same question when I went to install the other day and posted about it. They are aware of it Smile is 1.0, though.
Thanks, i've fixed that up.

Nice to see MyBB 1.0 has been released! IMO, this is the best free BBS available to date. It trumps phpBB2 in every way. Granted, I don't actually use this BBS anymore, but I did use it in the past, so I think I have some basis for my comments. I think this is going to get big, fast. Quite possibly the new phpBB.
Now if we just had a converter from IPB 2.0 and IPB 1.3 to MyBB 1.0 I would be doing good
Finally 1.0 has been released Smile Though I am using IPB, I have been looking at myBB with interest and use it as a private family forum and I think you guys have done a great job. I have seen too many people only know other bbs like vb/ipb/phpbb/smf etc thats its getting really boring. I am sure myBB will become better and better and will be right up there with the so-called big boys in the future Big Grin
i finally installed itBig Grin looks good. Nice work MyBB Team!
Wow... impressive, I think the next step would be to have a WYSIWYG editor and AJAX... Wink Big Grin
Yep, WYSIWYG and AJAX would be groundbreaking for the Free-BBSs competition Smile
Fantastic release and well worth the wait.

Now just waiting for the converters.
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