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Full Version: Internet Apocalypse
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What would you do if the internet turned off one day and you could not connect. So when you called your Internet provider they said; "Have you heard the news? The internet is out all over the world, no internet forever!"

What would you do without internet????

Run for the hills????
Get a job????
Try opening the door and going outside????
Or just say eh.. Oh well.
I'd connect to the new internet.
(2009-08-24, 07:47 PM)MadZula Man Wrote: [ -> ]opening the door and going outside????
Or just say eh.. Oh well.

Indeed, that's what I usually do when I don't like sitting at my computer any longer.

(2009-08-24, 07:55 PM)KuJoe Wrote: [ -> ]I'd connect to the new internet.
Wink That'd be an option - but I'd start off with a search engine then Big Grin
Do you know the game "Left 4 Dead"?

This is what would actually happen if they turned off the Internet.
lol @frostshutz

Hmm, what would I do...
I'd probably do a few contacts and work on a system similar to the current internet
I want to play that Game.

I would go outside and make friends, it will be hard, I d sound out OMG, say LOL instead of just laughing,
What's so hard about making friends?
I'd still code, but sell stuff in the real word. =)
PHP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, etc would be useless though Toungue
Only languages like C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Pascal, etc would be useful
You all know that if the internet "stopped", civilization as we know it would end right?
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