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Full Version: What's the lowest amount of RAM for a VPS?
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So what do you think the lowest amount of RAM a VPS can have and still be considered usable? I'm thinking 64MB but just maybe 32MB...
and why do you wanna know that?
Does it affect your answer? Toungue
I personally wouldn't buy anything lower than 128mb no matter what the reason. RAM is cheap enough where there shouldn't be a 64mb slice Rolleyes.
I am looking into providing free VPSs and am trying to find the lowest, usable amount of RAM and working from there. Wink I know that Lighttpd only needs about 15MB to run.
well below 128mb it's pretty much useless.
even though i think 128mb is abit low.
cPanel uses about 256MB of RAM on it's own, so if you are going to use cPanel, then I suggest a minimum of 512MB.

However, if you are going to run higher resource intensive sites, you will need more RAM. I have 3 proxies, and they are currently running a VPS with 768MB (1.5GB Burst).
I think you all are missing the point of this thread. I'm not trying to find out what you require, I'm trying to find out what you think the lowest amount of RAM usable is.

These VPSs will not be running cPanel, I can guarantee that. I also don't expect them to host a forum with constant 1k active users or anything like that. I'm trying to offer a free VPS for users who can run their sites fine on shared hosting, but require root access or the ability to alter the kernel. Yes, it's a specialty market but I'm hoping to expand more on it after some trial and error. Wink

I figure 64MB should be plenty but I'm trying to get some input from some of the educated users on here. Smile
Many things really:
- traffic target
- your server configuration, including what you're running (MySQL? CGI? thttpd?)
- system processes?

Just as an example, you can get embedded webservers which run on a few MB of RAM. I won't vouch for their performance though.
Ok so I'll mess around with a 64MB VPS and see what I can manage. Big Grin
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