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Full Version: Account deletion
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Actually I think there was some law that relates to your account on sites. So MZM may be right but I don't feel like researching right now.
@Netsage, its to what they posted i think. They can take away their content, not their account itself.
I remember at my forum that a user wanted to leave and requested all his posts to be deleted. He had over 700 posts and a lot of guides. I denied his requests since in my TOS it states that everything posted on the forum belongs to the website ^^ and not necessarily the author ^^.
just deleting 3188 member (awaiting) activation Big Grin
DELETE FROM `mybb_users` WHERE `usergroup` = 5
(2009-11-23, 02:50 AM)MadZula Man Wrote: [ -> ]I think we should allow this....

For one I think it will be almost illegal to not delete it as requested. because they want to protect them selves and their privacy. As the account has logged the e-mail and everything that opens a lot of security risks for privacy, so as that person requests, and only person that can actually request is the original owner of this account.
word. it seems you're pretty much the only person who understands the legal nature of a user account on a forum.

it's a contract, based on a membership agreement and when it is cancelled/runs out (depending on the kind of agreement), most of the forum owner's rights towards the account holder are history as well, among them the right to store, use and display any sort of data that the user has entered before.

however, a clever forum admin would include a small section in the tos/agreement to ensure his right to display (and never to own) a user's (anonymised) postings beyond the time of an actual contract, in order to uphhold the integrity of his own forum posting database.

Quote:No questions needs to be ask, just do it. If I wanted to cancel my account anywhere and no one would do it, I have legal claim because they have private information in their profile of me like e-mail. AND if the owners of the board do not respond... well their going to be in trouble for keeping their information hostage.
if a forum admin within the EU says "no" to me, he is in deep trouble.

on the other side.. the oversea forums i am signed up to are trustworthy enough to comply by their own will whenever i would ask them to delete my account...
Hmm I was looking through my wBB3 and there is a option where users can delete their own accounts. But it also describes that if a user decides to delete his or hers account the content such as posts will remain, but all messaging and private information will be deleted.

I believe there is a plugin for MyBB and I think that's exactly what all boards should need if the Admins don't want to loose their posts etc.
FYI you have every right to change your personal details. Besides, sites are private property. It wouldn't make sense if you could tell someone to rob you, then file a legal complaint after you gave them permission and the did, no? When you signed up, you put in the personal information you agreed to the terms... in the end it's all your fault, not the website owners.
Unless they are breaking a privacy agreement/TOS(if PA is N/A) I don't see you winning any lawsuit by suing the site owner.
.. which they're not. Most sites nowadays don't allow account deletion anyways.

You made the wrong move and expect MyBB to cover your lime? Sorry, but you're going to have to figure it out yourself.
well. at least it's safe to say mybb is very much anti-privacy oriented.. good to know.
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