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Full Version: TheCommunityV2 (Ryan)
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Yeah, well, I decided to make my own site. It is named after me (but not the link), and is another community site, and will be forever. The link is:

Hope you enjoy and we are looking for forum staff and good website developers.

Chat on ChatAngo at: (also on the forum)
There are alot of theme issues...

Also You need a logo...

And the Boards name is Ryan?
I asked about that, is there a way to change that?
change what?
How do "Chat" and "General Discussion" differ?
Wow you made another justmybb account just to add v2 to it when you didnt really change that many things or anything that really matters...
it's because it's MY forum, and I thought of it myself. Also, Chat and General Discussion differ because you can say random stuff on General Discussion, but it's in posts. On Chat, however, you just type it in like instant messaging.
that forum is going nowhere.
You know what fine then I'll change the name. The new name is NakaMuura.
looks nice I joined.
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