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Full Version: Include your custom pages in Mybb
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(2009-08-06, 02:46 AM)Jed K Wrote: [ -> ]
(2009-06-07, 08:36 PM)Giangy94 Wrote: [ -> ]If you want to create an homepage using this hack you to have to edit this:
require ".global.php"; // (1b)
with this:
require "./forum/global.php"; // (1b)

Tried this, but it doesn't work. My forum directory is at /forum, and I tried making a page in the root directory which requires ./forum/global.php and all it shows is a blank page when I go there in my browser.

Any ideas?

Have you tried "../global.php"? That's what I did and worked. ^^
How do you add the nav_bit in the template? My navbit (Afresh) doesn't appear. >>

I'd like to put the php files in a subfolder and not in my root (my forum is installed in the root of my server). How dou i have to modify the code?

How send a custom var?

<br />
{$custom_data} <<<< ???
is there any way to add my footer to this aswell??

other wise it's a great tutorial and worked first time for me

Well, my little doubt before this tutorial is:

Does anyone know how I can add a line will not appear as "Unknown Location" to see Who's Online?

I hope I can help, for this I have been searching long and not find it here. Undecided
Hopefully I can help to see the location in other languages. Smile

Thank you.
Please help me! D:
Doesn't show me as logged in on any of the custom pages.

--Edit: Nevermind, fixed it. I had to re-code the entire login/header form.
I'm trying to incorporate Coppermine into my MyBB installation, and I got the bridge and everything working. I figured the easiest way to incorporate it to look good would be to simply insert Coppermine directly into a custom page, and giving coppermine a skin without logo and all that.

Anyone who could give me the best way to do this? Smile
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