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Full Version: Include your custom pages in Mybb
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Quote:Can one wrap another site inside this page? For example, if one had a Gallery page could one embed it into the site using this code or something close? Just wondering...that would be really nice if it could be done...integration aside, it would be nice for my users to not have to visit a different url/website to access pics.

yes sure, you can use <iframe> for that reason. just like jdmeg222 did

Is this still is possible in myBB 1.1.3? I'm tired of trying to make the link work.

Or is your advance navigation bar requiried?
The way shown in this tutorial will work with MyBB 1.1.3. You do not need the advanced navigation bar.
Advanced Navigation bar is just another customzation for the navigation bar, you can make the link the way you want, whereever you want.
Yeah... I've got some questions....

#1, where to we put the php code? Dreamweaver then save it?
#2, do we upload the php code?
#3, does this even work in mybb 1.5?
Zaher, shouldn't you take the $nars_report out of the template. It doesn't appear in any other template...
How would we make dynamic variables? By simply defining them in the PHP file and then put them in the template and when the template is executed in the PHP it will show up.
Anyone know how do we get this to work with MyBB 1.2 ?
xiaozhu Wrote:Anyone know how do we get this to work with MyBB 1.2 ?

Erm... It should be exactly the same.
Its not working thats why I am asking.
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