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Full Version: vBulletin style? Where is download
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excause me. I some speak english. I have one mybb forum. Version 1.0.3 . Where is download vBulletin templates style?

I thanks now..
I'm not sure but I think there's no vbulletin style atm. Rolleyes
The developer never released it because he ported his forum to something else.
There was one vBulletin-lookalike once, but the creator deleted it since he was accused for ripping or something like that.

btw, this question has been answered SOOO many times already...
i cant beleive there is no copy laying around, and i cant beleive that none of the skin creaters are not working on one, it would make mybb way more popular and just be awsome
if i wanted my board to look like vbulletin i would buy one
thats you, but I wouldnt buy one, because I dont have that kind of money
what is so good about the vb theme anyway? more people who use vb get a new theme for it straight away. No one likes the default forum skins. If it is just the dropdown search thing you are after then im sure someone could set you up one of those.
what is so good about the vb theme anyway?
I think MYBB is is alot like VBulletin but MYBB is better to work with and its free Wink lol
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