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Full Version: vBulletin style? Where is download
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Chimera Wrote:Ok [email protected], thanks a lot for your work.

[email protected] Wrote:Good news! I am nearly finished with the theme and only have to work out some legal icons and buttons, which looks like vBulletin, but uses the Crystal Icons for KDE. I will call the theme "myBulletin".

I will definitv release it tonight! Smile

i am downloading now, gr8 [email protected], u are in time Smile
i installed it but [email protected] bro, my already installed plugins are not inherrited, what should i do now Sad whenever i upload new skin the plugins that i installed in default skin doesn't get inherrited to the new skin Sad please give advice
I made one, but only for personal and non-commercial purposes. Just to see if I could create one that would look similar to vBulletin, but lack the drop-down menu (I hate those damn things) and just use it for myself. Releasing it as a theme might have caused problems between myself and vBulletin, but that isn't why I don't intend on releasing it as a theme.
: wow, this bumped the thread from over a year ago....
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