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Full Version: Is MyBB 1.6 Gold free?
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Hi I have some question but I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask..

Is MyBB 1.6 Gold free same as MyBB 1.4? Smile

just curious.. I know others would think this too..

thank you! Smile
Yes, of course.
free forever??

thanks Ryan for the reply.. Smile and SoniQuake too..
Of course it's free :|

Read through the license.
MyBB is a free, open source software.

It will always be free. Toungue
Why would Ryan and all those start asking us to pay money for great software like this??
It's a permanently free product. Smile
Open source mean free for ever Toungue
Not necessarily. :p
Just look at IPB.
Someone would probably fork it, if they ever change the license.
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