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Full Version: When did this come in?
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If MyBB forces authors to close shop, I'm pretty much guaranteed to change forum softwares. i just find that a huge disrespect to paid author who contribute all there time and effort into making this beautiful software into what it is. I can deal with it being taboo on this forum, just to me, it seems like your in a market, free to get in, but you slapping the cashier on the face when he says 9.99 for all the bread you wanted.
Edit: I know most likely no one will care if i leave, and i'm fine with that, just thought i'd state my position.
I don't see paid authors calling people cheapskates. To be against paid plugins because members flame seems the wrong solution to that problem. Because it's flaming not paid plugins which is the issue in such a case.

Harrywx gets the win on this one. I know for a long-lime time this has been his goal. His one man crusade to get rid of paid authors from MyBB has finally bore fruit. Very hard imho to say if this is good or bad for the project. IMHO there is no proof at all the project has suffered from paid plugins.

I started MyBBCentral in Sept 2006. It was May 2008 I started to have the subscription. membership
Sept 2006: 260 members joined
Sept 2009: 775 members joined

You can see clearly MyBB has grown very well.

Quote: Even though me and him have disagreed on a few things related to this

I disagree with just about everything you say. I've had you on ignore forever but I felt your post needed a reply. I'm close enough to just leaving this place as it stands. If I can't monetize or get clear answers from MyBB I don't see a great reason to stay.

Quote:the first free forum script to have paid plugins posted in the community release forums and thus not something people were use to

That can't be true at all. Since I started paid only 2 years ago I can't imagine other projects didn't have paid addons. Joomla for instance.

Quote:As of right now, all extensions listed are licensed using GNU GPL. Of the 4872 extensions currently listed, 1261 (25.88%) are listed as commercial. A growing commercial extension market means that more and more people are turning to Joomla! and that an increasing number of developers see potential for growth in the Joomla! market.

I'd say that an 8% percent increase over the past two years is to be expected considering the global economy. More people are tight for cash and less people have spare time or can afford to develop extensions for free.

Seems like places like this charge for membership to download as well for Joomla extensions. Release is GPL license but of course this means that any distribution can be done by a single buyer. Sort of pointless as warez will be prevelent.

Certainly Joomla has a huge commercial surrounding thus imho making it more popular for sites than Wordpress. The corporate world is way more likely to use Joomla over wordpress in most cases.
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