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Full Version: Looking for cheap hosting
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I`m looking for cheap hosting 30$-35$ maximum per year.
If any please post them below!
So your looking for something thats like 2.50 a month? Nothing decent.

Imo, go to at least 5 dollars a month, and get polar host. Or get 108 bucks and get dreamhost.

Your not going to get quality for 2.50 a month. Your going to get someone with a reseller or a VPS in a place that has very strict laws, and you will run into problems.
If you double your budget, Hostgator is the way to go. There's a coupon right now for like 20% off, so it all costs $60 for a year (the hatchling plan).
I know about it but I don't need Unlimited space
x10 is free, unlimited bandwidth/space, but puts a limit on resource usage. Pay $4.95 a year to get double resources. It works fine for me.
I had hosting there and I do NOT recommend it. They suspended my account for NOTHING!
Speak conor at shockinghost i've been with him since december and no issues and he'll set you up a custom plan for your budget.
He is also support here.
I have added him to MSN. I`m waiting!
^ Nice thread necro
Yeah... reported.
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