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Full Version: 1.6.3 update issue
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When I tried to update to 1.6.3, I got to 'Upgrade Complete' and got this:

Upgrade Complete
Fatal error: [SQL] [2006] MySQL server has gone away
SELECT value, name FROM mybb_settings ORDER BY title ASC in /home/protectf/public_html/inc/db_mysqli.php on line 557

Just thought it should be made apparent.


Try re-uploading

.inc/db_mysqli.php again from a fresh install.

(backup the original file before re-uploading.)
(2011-04-17, 07:51 AM)crazy4cs Wrote: [ -> ]Try re-uploading

.inc/db_mysqli.php again from a fresh install.

(backup the original file before re-uploading.)

I've already updated, just ignored the message.

There is some documentation of the error code here

Given that several people have upgraded their boards without experiencing this problem I would suggest it was caused by one of the host related issues listed there.
Finally, I can install MyBB on localhost now!
After the update, the "mark all forms read" function gives me an error (wrong auth code). Sad
Make sure you've ran the "Find Updated Templates" via the ACP Templates area. You'll need to update headerinclude, index_boardstats and forumdisplay_threadlist with the changes made them in.

This is to prevent a CSRF vulnerability.

If you have "mark all forums read" links anywhere else, simply add the following:

same, a bug I guess:

Quote:Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.
Glad Tomm M pointed out the templates needed to be updated, I just uploaded the changed files, browsed to /install and ran through it, didn't revert anything, updated all 3 templates now!
I don't get what to do?

Reverse default theme templates? Or the one we using?
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