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Mybb Community is having a Winter Kick-Off Contest! Join in while you still can.

Hey guys, well I'm re-opening Mybb Community. It's gotten old & inactive, but Bob has promoted me & is letting me bring this place back to life. We're going to be bigger, and better than ever. Wink

MyBB Community is a MyBB fan site that is dedicated to MyBB discussion on plugins, themes, integration, SEO, development, and more. Besides the MyBB chatter we also have a wide webmaster forum to discuss programming, designing, advertising, monetizing, etc. We also provide weekly fresh content on the frontpage to enhance your MyBB forum so check it out!

Congrats and good luck, Kolton. Smile

Hope it will restore to its previous success.
Thank you Kavin, that's what I am aiming for. Smile
Nice to see it back. Many more wishes for successes ahead Kolton Smile
I suppose I'll be more active, good luck! Smile

My username is Amazing.
^It is better to use .htaccess, even for a joke like that Big Grin

Good lock with the reopening Smile
Thanks everyone! And, Berlo, we have quite a bit more than There's a top list, and extend site (beta), and new articles every week! Wink
(08-19-2011, 02:52 PM)Sama34 Wrote: [ -> ]^It is better to use .htaccess, even for a joke like that Big Grin


We're more than just We have a toplist, frontpage articles, tutorials, and more. I don't know why you guys think that. Undecided Care to explain?
How about a toplist? And, it's all in one place instead of scattered around 5 different sites. Also, if you can create a site strictly for Mybb right, then it's improving upon the wheel.
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