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Full Version: Why mybb will fail....part 2
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About time we had one of these threads.

Fact is if you don't like this software or this community you are under no obligation to carry on using it or spending time here.

(2011-11-03, 09:01 PM)Vapor Wrote: [ -> ]1. Kids
No professional software company can thrive from children, which is all you have here.

First off, we are not a company. You, the users, are not customers. You simply use the software we choose to provide you with. That's what all free software is in effect. Also, the whole children thing again. Assuming you mean the team, when I started I was 15, a child. When Chris bloody Boulton started, he was 17, a child. favouriz, 15, a child, and is far more mature that a lot of the people on this forum. Conor Calby, don't know offhand how old he is but he's well under 18, and he knows his stuff when it comes to computers, and is great at what he does. Right from the start of MyBB, people have been on the team who were under 18, but we're still here. And as for users of MyBB being young, what do you want us to do about that, require a birth certificate or passport before they download to make sure they're over 18??

(2011-11-03, 09:01 PM)Vapor Wrote: [ -> ]2. Moderators
Mods are too quick on the draw, support team needs a manager to keep these rogues under control.

If you have problems with moderation there are numerous avenues you can take to discuss it, but frankly moderation actions are nearly always justified, due to past experience and the volatile nature of this community sometimes. Not to mention he fact that most of time the people who complain about a moderation action that didn't even concern them have very little or no knowledge on what actually warranted the moderation.

(2011-11-03, 09:01 PM)Vapor Wrote: [ -> ]3. Organization
Where is the development timeline? What are the goals for mybb in the next xxxx months, years? (im not talking about the redmine installation)
Who is in charge of the diff. groups? Managers, support, PR, developers....

Release 2.0 and work on 1.6. What else??

(2011-11-03, 09:01 PM)Vapor Wrote: [ -> ]4. Spam
Spammers are flooding these forums but are not removed just to generate "fake traffic" for this site.

Not even worth a comment if you genuinely think the spammers are left here to give the illusion of higher traffic.

(2011-11-03, 09:01 PM)Vapor Wrote: [ -> ]5. Freedom of speech
You censor everything that negatively comments mybb or if someone has an opinion that you do not like on these forums.

What you probably don't realise is that very few people voice their concerns or comments in a mature way. This thread is a prime example of this. There have been times when we've had proper conversations with people about issues they have and we resolve them. And then there are the silly threads like this.

(2011-11-03, 09:01 PM)Vapor Wrote: [ -> ]6. Rules
I think you have rules to take care of rules for posting rules on the rules that are posted.

Again, you are by no means under any obligation to be here. If you do not like the rules, then you do not have to stay here and be restricted by them. I'm sure your forum has rules, like any forum has rules, but if you think having no rules is going to improve things then you have rather peculiar logic, plus a lot for these rules are only in place because the community's behaviour lead to their necessity.

Ultimately, this will end one of 2 ways. You'll either leave for a bit and come back as if nothing happened, or you'll leave for good, start a little blog like other people have and then after a few weeks nobody will remember any of this happened. And, just like most of the other people who have made these threads, aside from a CMS which is yet to be released you have contributed little to this community or project but are quick to slam the people who have done a whole lot more. Well done you.
It's a pity there are no rules against defamation online that actually have any effect Sad
I suppose I could of titled this thread something along the lines of :
Why I am pissed off reading the forums today....

It was my vent for the day, I'm over it. Oh least I got to piss off 99.4% of you guys off...ROFL

Really liking all the great responses, though I like Tom's the best. Perhaps one of these days....we could have a Lan party in my mom's basement? I will be sure to have plenty of snacks, might even have my mom make cookies? [Image: 611.gif]

Before I forget...I had no idea that website was on the net. I simply said search google, I have no idea who runs that site nor do I care.

@Booher - Ty for finding my site...though it just had wordpress installed last night before's rather empty. I removed the post you scraped as I do not want to linger on this pointless topic.

Mods or Admins feel free to lock, delete or keep this open for more comical responses if you want.

And yes....I am 32 - married with kids and 2 boxers.
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