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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.1.7 Released
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Will78 Wrote:that was wicked fast 12min I sent the PM about this to you guys wow you guys are good
Yeah, I think this sorts out that guy who earlier said MyBB were slow at updating....

Thanks for the update.
so, if we're just now doing the update, that last post isn't necessary, right???
Correct. Only if you patched it before that update, you need to follow the instructions in that last post.

Aaaaand... my forum has been patched with the latest update Smile
Is my "mybb hacking with avatar" thread the reason of mybb 1.1.7 released ???

As I explained to you earlier, you posted incomplete instructions which we couldn't replicate and all issues relating to that had already been fixed.
Updated my board.

uptadet my site
Updated again Toungue
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