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Full Version: Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page
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Wow, this can be done realy simple without core edits.

Users & Groups -> Groups -> Your Group -> Scroll down and find "Yes, show this group on the 'forum team' page" and tick it.
pfffff please read before posting, that not what here is asking!!!!! We know that if you set a group at the forumteam it's shows....

But here I ask if someone have a usergroup like moderator, he is showing on the moderator group on the teampage, but if he have a second usergroup (the aditional usergroup) he is not showing up in that usergroup so also not at the teampage..

And thats what we trying to fix now, not to get a group showing..

Well your title is misreading, I'll have a look.
ok thanks!
And you have something ??
Lewes, you say you shoud take a look, but still no feedback???
For other people, someone knows how we can fix it?
I gave up on trying. All I could get was a bunch of warnings and things not showing up right at all.
Thanks allot, I hope you get it work now Sad
And anny progress yet Smile
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