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Full Version: Why does exists?
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I am curious about the forums over there at

Wouldn't it be better for the community to have that forums integrated here? I understand the need for the plugins themselves (front-end) but the forums seem redundant to this forums.
I suggested this a while ago, and if I recall correctly MM wanted to keep it separate...
Those forums are actually MM's own forums, they've been with hat site even before it was official.

I don't think MM would just throw away his forums in the blink of an eye. Wink
Well, no offense to MM, but I don't think he visits his own forums that often! I'm less likely to post for help over there, as I don't tend to get responded to! So in that respect I understand Labrocca's query!
Users sign up and ask questions here more also.
Trust me, he does, everytime I've posted a question to him he's answered it within 24-48 hours. Smile
Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:Trust me, he does, everytime I've posted a question to him he's answered it within 24-48 hours. Smile

That's not really a quick response imho. Also there are a lot more users here. Also new users wouldn't think to go to that site for support...I rarely do and I feel I am a regular here. I come here first.

IMHO the forum at the mods site only splits this community making it look even smaller than it really is. Being it's on an official subdomain makes it even weirder. I sometime wonder if it's actually an official site or some arrangement that MM has with Chris.

I do applaud Musical Midget for standing by the project. When I created this thread I wasn't aware it was his site.
Probably removing the Code Modifications forum here, and people will start using the forums over there...
The code modifications forum are too used to be moved. If anything I'd suggest we merge some forums from the mod site into the code modifications forum as a sub-forum.
If you ask me, I was about to talk about this but resisted from speaking up. Although I praise the efforts made by MusicalMidget, I don't find it the best choice. Plugins and modification supports should be on this forum until this community gets 100,000s of members talking up and creating a mess.
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