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Full Version: Discuss: The MyBB Group & Microsoft Corporation Partnership
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For a moment I thought it was for real...and I was sooooo pissed off... Big Grin
good jokeToungue
April fools , brilliant ! Very nice ChrisBig Grin
nice joke
to bad it is only a joke I really like new admin panel... Smile
nice joke.. Big Grin
My god

I need to take a breath...

That was sooo mean, I was about to have a heart attack.

Arghhhhh, I was scared and told myself "I will be using phpbb, My god" Sad
Picking Microsoft immediately seemed odd to me. Kinda a giveaway. Wink
Uff now i recognize that today is the 1st of april. That was a realy good joke. =)
hahahahha good joke Toungue
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