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Full Version: Ignite theme
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(2016-01-22, 04:42 PM)dede123 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-01-21, 09:39 PM)eNvy Wrote: [ -> ]Install the plugin that comes with the theme.

For the first problem, is something related with a plugin or something with your hosting.

i didnt get no plugin?

Then something extra is going on, I checked this five times and is not a theme problem.
ah this really sucks I really wanna use this theme aswell, just cant get a shoutbox to work and i cant seem to get the logout button?

I have the plugin installed, but still no logout appearing?
How can I change black forum color to white color?
Amazing job dude. I sent you a pm regarding your work, really interested on it!
everything seems to be working now!
is there any shoutbox that is compatible with the theme cant get dvz shoutbox working?

how can i fix this shoutbox? so the username goes next to the avatar and the message moves to the left
Really nice theme.Good job.
nice,i like it
(2015-09-17, 10:09 PM)eNvy Wrote: [ -> ]
[Image: N3PEb38.png]


Ignite is a free, flat and minimalistic dark-based theme for MyBB forum software.

Enjoy this new design made by CSS3, jQuery animations and also crossbrowser design.

And all of this... free!


[Image: RXYehOB.png]

[Image: 7TjgB5r.png]

[Image: 7l5Jo8e.png]

[Image: bLaNBda.png]

[Image: HkBxw1X.png]


Ignite is 100% free, you can delete, modify or change anything you want, except the credits for MyBB, MyBB Team and also my own work.

If you respect my work, I'm sure you don't gonna do that.


You can ask for Ignite support on here, in this thread


Hope you like it and if you see any error or bug, please report here.

Hey dude, i recently tried to set a personal header of mine.
I managed to get it in there, but it's all too big.
How do i proceed, to make it fit?

Ignite theme updated to MyBB 1.8.7 version.

Also we have new community, so you can check all my work and ask for support there if you want.

This is amazing, thanks for this release!
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