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Full Version: Newpoints Awards
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[Image: 1496947635_cover.png]

About Newpoints Awards
Newpoints Awards is an extension of the plugin OUGC Awards. It allows users to buy some awards with newpoints.

You can choose which awards users can buy and set a reason which will be shown in the award list of the user.

  1. Upload contents of the folder Upload to your board directory
  2. Go to ACP > Newpoints > Install & Activate 'Newpoints Awards'

How to report a bug
There are 4 methods to report a bug:
  1. Reply this post
  2. Reply on the project page in my website
  3. Use Bug Tracker tool
  4. Use GitHub

Official website: Newpoints Awards - Projects - chack1172
MyBB Mods:
The plugin has been approved in the extend site Smile
(2017-10-10, 09:51 PM)chack1172 Wrote: [ -> ]The plugin has been approved in the extend site Smile

None staff are approved i hope it will work cause i was looking for it.
Mamy users used it without problems.
i'm having issue where I can't add an award it just says awards no other categories mybb version 1.8.11
Nice, thanks for coding it.
This doesn't work for me. In the ACP > Newpoints it doesn't show the awards tab. Plugin is installed and I can access it but cannot edit new awards. Is it borked in 1.8.17?
Hi Metallix. Are OUGC Awards and this plugin installed?
(2018-08-08, 09:13 AM)chack1172 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Metallix. Are OUGC Awards and this plugin installed?

Both are installed, I made sure of it. OUGC awards doesn’t work either. It says to go to users and posts to edit awards there but there’s no option for that. For this award plugin it shows an award tab underneath upgrade tab on the left in the picture but I have no such option. Both award plugins are installed and activated.
Metallix do you still have the problem?
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