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Full Version: Emerald Extended v1.2 [Multicolor, HQ & Responsive | Incorporated Premium Plugins]
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(2022-11-19, 01:13 PM)sidjames Wrote: [ -> ]How do i change the font and the font size?

Also, how do I create a header strip with the title like here:

And allow the users to switch to dark mode like you have on the forum above?


Hi sidjames,

The header layout and the dark/light switch were part of a custom/paid work for Subliminal Talk forums. But you can still browse this thread and look for advices I have posted to make those switch links using the Xtheme plugin. 

For the font you can go to Admin CP >> Style & Templates >> Your theme title >> global.css, then change the font-size:??px; (where ?? is your font size) for the appropriate elements, which are .trow1, .trow2, table, .smalltext... You can change the font by editing the line : font-family: "Roboto Condensed"; 
Make sure the font you want is available, otherwise you'll need the google fonts html code and copy it into the template "headerinclude" (which is in Ungrouped Templates inside your theme templates).
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