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Full Version: MyBB Integrator / MyBB SDK (Version 1.3)
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No problem, good luck and have fun programming Smile!
To be honest, there are way too many SELECT * in those functions.
Make sure to define the table columns if you are fetching stuff from the database.
I would have to take a look at those fields myself, but I won't be using it for the integrator.
Nice to see you make an effort though
Aah, oke.

Didn't know another way to get it working, but needed the custom user fields Smile
Magic has been performed in the past couple of days and weeks.

I am proud to present you a new version of the Integrator, giving you some more of those integrating functions.

Check for the changelog and a new setup of examples and documentation. (examples have been separated from the documentation to make it more structured)

More examples will follow - feel free to send them in if you have a nice one.
Very nice... I like all the new features...
Will try it tommorow and give some feedback!
Hej there and thanks for this plugin, I'll be using it for some miniCMS.

Well, during the current development, or fooling around, I am running into some issues... related to cookies. What else should it be? Wink

My snippet:

$mybb = new MyBBIntegrator($mybb, $db, $cache, $plugins, $lang, $config);
var_dump($mybb->login('user', 'pass'));
echo ($mybb->isLoggedIn()) ? 'You are logged in' : 'You are not logged in'; 
Everything else is set correct.
The output:
bool(true) You are not logged in
Wait... What?
This describes how I am feeling Wink
Login is true, but I cannnot get any real data... Even the language data is set with the right name (Welcome {name}. Last visit, etc).
But NOT the user part. getUser() wont give me any infos without receiving an user id.

I can access all cookies via $_COOKIES and the file is in the same directory as MyBB. MyBB works perfectly.

Any suggestions? Wink
You realize that $mybb is a Variable set by your forum.
Chose a different variable name for the integrating instance.

If it still doesn't work, provide your cookie settings.
I should have realized that one, but I didn't. Thanks for pointing it out.
How would I use the getUser function to get a users post count?

$data = $MyBBI->getUser(2);
print_r($data); // Output of user data 

When I use the code above it outputs something like:
and a bunch of other values.

I think that's what it puts out. Not exactly sure.

I need to just get say for example just the users post count or just the username not all of the users data combined in one long thing.

I am assuming I somehow use

I am very new to PHP and could use some help! I love the MyBB Integrator!

Thanks, miimario
If you "print_r" a array, it will output the whole array with keys...
Just use "print" or "echo"..!
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