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Full Version: MyBB Integrator / MyBB SDK (Version 1.3)
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I have noticed that it was declared wrong in the documentation! This has been fixed to prevent further irritation.
Thanks for the hint.
Glad to see the updates, thanks.
any tutorial to install this ?
Ok, it's a little hard to understand what this is, with me being portuguese. Can someone explain me this?
I have already read that it's a developer tool, not a plugin. But I still don't get it :|

Ohh I think I got it already. This integrates our CMS with MyBB right?
thanks for u'r work. it works with the latest stable version of mybb ?

i tried
require_once 'mybb/global.php';
require_once 'class.MyBBIntegrator.php';
$MyBBI = new MyBBIntegrator($mybb, $db, $cache, $plugins, $lang);

and i get the index page of the forums loaded
any ideas ?
It should work with the latest version of MyBB, unless there's database schema changes. Also, it won't load your forums index - it will just allow you to "hack"/plug in to(for lack of a better word) into the MyBB framework and use MyBB functions.
maybe i wasn't clear.
it loads the index page of the forum. it wasn't a question it was a affirmation.
strange enough if i'm loggedin whylle i'm using the class it works (it doesen't load the index).
Some further information on your page structure might help.
Where do you use the Integrator, where is the class located, where is the forum?
There is no way that the Integrator should possible load the forum index...
This is awesome, thanks
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