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Full Version: MyBB Integrator / MyBB SDK (Version 1.3)
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I felt like answering Trafalgar's question. Here's the simple/easy way to do it.

// Following code fetches the latest active threads and shows the thread titles
$latest_active_threads = $MyBBI->getLatestActiveThreads(2, 5, true);
foreach ($latest_active_threads as $latest_active_thread)
    echo ('<a href="' . $mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/showthread.php?tid=' . $latest_active_thread['tid'] . '">' . $latest_active_thread['subject'] . '</a><br />');

Obviously the output can be modified.
I do not know how to use it in the integration of a Web page and Forum

Please explain it

This software looks wonderful. Very clear and easy to use (perhaps largely because the underlying structure of MyBB is clear as well). However, I'm a little bit worried about using it with MyBB 1.6.5 because I think that MyBB Integrator was designed to "integrate" with MyBB 1.4 instead of 1.6.*

MyBB Integrator seems to do most things through directly querying MyBB's SQL database:
I think it also uses several of MyBB's Database Methods:

Does anyone know if there have been significant changes to either MyBB's Database Tables or Database Methods between version 1.4 and the current version (1.6.5)? MyBB Integrator looks like a great product and I'm sure that knowing this would be very helpful for anyone considering using MyBB Integrator in the future.


* I noticed that MyBB Integrator hasn't been updated since July 29, 2010. MyBB 1.6.0 wasn't released until August 3, 2010.

there has been quite some lack of time on my end to continue with the Integrator.
I was pretty sad that I did not get a lot of response on how the Integrator works for people (I asked for some URLs of usage, so the Integrator gets references).
Instead I received constant spamming of the forum, so I lost interest in the cause.

However, I can look into the changes to MyBB 1.6, as I feel that the Integrator is the best integration concept out there (and the only one still? :p).

Most awesome thing would be, if the integrator could somehow be integrated into the website, but I don't know how to accomplish that and I doubt they would do that.

I guess, I will have to start the forum new with a full install and check out some anti-spam mods and get working on it again.
I can tell you that I'm already using it in a non-public forum to register users without using the full registration proccess. This function is working pretty good for my case.

I'm also interested in further development of this, I would like to upload the Integrator into github, it'll enable other developers to fork & improve and then easily request the improves to be merged. It'll also gives you an easy way to handle documentation (wikis + gh-pages) and issues.
What do you think about it?

(2012-01-18, 12:48 PM)No0oB Wrote: [ -> ]Most awesome thing would be, if the integrator could somehow be integrated into the website, but I don't know how to accomplish that and I doubt they would do that.

I can't believe that anything like that will be done, but I'm not sure I understand what do you mean... Could you elaborate?
Nevermind that, I didn't think that through.

Well, I have set up a new forum, installed quite some spam protection, so I hope those bots will leave me alone now...
About github - I would need to know how many people would be interested in such thing.
Thing is, I put it on Assembla quite some time ago, because one guy told me he wanted to improve it.. Guess what, nothing ever happened.

So I will just keep working on it myself, unless I receive a lot of feedback on my forum ( ).
I don't know if the Integrator deserves a forum by itself, but let's see...

(your link was broken, I fixed it)
I'm interested in this. How is the new version going for 1.6? Now 1.8 is on the way too, not easy to update all the time =)

EDIT: Looks like it works nice with 1.6, at least getpost. I'll have a working example up and running soon on my blog =) Awesome dave!
Please update if possible. I would guess many of the functions work already.
Thank you.
So far everything works =) Even the log in function!
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