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Full Version: [release] Super Canonical
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A) I didn't ban super_labrocca.
B) Those other names were banned for malicious activity, and for inappropriate behavior.
C) We can't ban someone for releasing similar plugins.
:hhh: it seems that he/she will NOT argue, So why not give him/her the chance to argue upon his/her plugin, may be he/she develop his/her own plugin, and labbroca developed the same thing as he/she developed slowly Smile
(2009-03-25, 04:21 AM)Ghazala_Wali Wrote: [ -> ]:hhh: it seems that he/she will NOT argue, Can we ban this guy already Smile
Guys, provoking he/she/it is not a smart thing to do. Just please stop provoking it, and let us do what we do - make the decisions like this. We can't ban a member just because a few people don't like that person's beliefs, ideas, etc..
You banned him 3 times, so
(2009-03-25, 04:25 AM)JonP Wrote: [ -> ]You banned him 3 times, so
I really don't appreciate that you keep saying you(as in me). I did NOT ban him, someone else did.
(2009-03-25, 04:08 AM)Tom Loveric Wrote: [ -> ]Just stop the bickering guys. A lot of thought has gone into this whole situation and the whole ordeal, on both a user-and-staff end. As it stands, our decision to not ban him/her is final. Until then, there's no need to bicker and complain until your in our shoes.

You said it yourself. You're all accountable for this.
Yes, we're ALL, the MyBB staff, accountable. Not a single person.
You as in staff, he has a site called supermybbcentral and super ficons, what's that tell you.
We can't control what sites they have, and what they're named. Don't dig up a grave that's already been covered.(A.K.A please stop this, it's been solved and the decision is final unless one of the other staff and a few others decide to take action)
ok, if you say so, if you don't see it then, it will keep going on. done
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