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Full Version: [release] Super Canonical
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Please leave Tom alone in this. When we had issues with the first couple usernames and My Specs I spoke with Tom about the issue. My concerns were using a plugin name that was exactly the same and also using my name. I don't believe lar_br0wker should be banned from Mybb. Is he personally gunning for me? Yes, but I am just a member here and I don't think it's appropriate for mybb staff to "take sides" in an matter that technically doesn't involve them. I think I have friends here and people that respect me. I am a big boy and don't require any special treatment. I sent a lar_br0kwer a couple PMs but he has responded mostly negatively so there isn't much else to do.

He is free to mock me and release plugins of his own design even if they are imitations of mine. Neither are against the law or the rules of this site. It might be rude, annoying, and just plain not-nice but I am not going to ask that he be banned. I actually expect the opposite and I sincerly ask people to ask this talented author to make more plugins (but with originality).

We need more authors even if it's at my expense.

I have other things I can do and I won't spend my time unwisely. Maybe one day lar_br0ker will have a change of heart and attitude about me. Kill'em with kindness does work.

Great wordings labbroca, I also wish someone to make plugins as much as he can for MyBB , but as i noticed it before, that persons should make plugins of the same name, it is NOT bad as we are discussing right out here, might be it was made in slow time, and labbrocca did it (make this plugin) in a quick way,
Guys leave it and please moderators close this thread as it is going to insult someones work, that will stop making plugins and loose heart for MyBB Sad
(2009-03-25, 08:43 AM)Ghazala_Wali Wrote: [ -> ]Guys leave it and please moderators close this thread as it is going to insult someones work, that will stop making plugins and loose heart for MyBB Sad

If you want to discuss this plugin topic further, then please use the Testing & Thrasing Section, that's why it's there. Please remember the agreement you agreed to when you signed up to these forums, and the consequences that come with failure to keep to your agreement.

Otherwise, please stick to posting things about this particular release.
Yes I agreed to you Tom M Smile
ok i might not be on topic exaclty but yes i will try to be, the Canonical plugin is to what affect will it have on per say SEO bases for mybb forum ?

Now i have the SEO from Mybb the newest 1.05 what am i missing or is this a total different plugin alltogether ?

Thank you if someone can answer Blush
I think the author of SEO 1.05 plans to add a similar function to his plugin.
If you're talking about my Google SEO plugin, there should be no compatibility issue with this plugin.
And yes, I'm planning to add (more complete) canonical support to Google SEO.
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