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Full Version: Hosting down
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Hello there, I use the forumforge as hosting. Well my site is down and I think that there is a name server issue because I had an email talking about it.
When I got the email I wrote a ticket and they said that my name servers are fine.
Do anyone who use theforumforge as hosting have the same problem?
Here it says that is just me:
But it's impossible!
It's online for me. Wink doesn't load for me either.
It's loading for me. Smile
Firefox can't find the server at Sad
its okay for me (Opera) from Asia
So far only Europe users couldn't access the site. Me (Portugal), Trinit (Italia) and Conor (UK).

Ask some more people.
Another ok from here in the states. Try contacting your host see if there is something going on with the lines to/from europe to you server.
Business Transit (TheForumForge first owners) sold their Chicago servers (TheForumForge and Cactus Internet) to another company.

I'm moving to a VPS with Business Transit right now simply because I just can't stand the new company.
Their support is horrible - they blame me whenever I report downtime - as you can see I'm not the only one having issues. Plus Bob Jansen has this problem too.
So yeah I'm moving away from them
Well it loads for me in Aus.

That sucks that the servers were sold. They had a good company going!
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