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Can't wait for this, looks so good.
I have a Nokia 5800
Yay I'm a tester. Looks so great on my iPhone 4
Theme looks horrible, no offense.
Hey Scoutie, any chance of a release soon/ ever? This looks awsome Smile And it would be a step above other BB softwares if this was included as a feature in mybb Big Grin
I'm hoping to have it released by the end of September, dunno though.
Cool, if you need any beta testers, then I'll be up for it Wink
Have you considered using iWebKit? Its a framework to make the skin look like a native iPhone app -
Nope, I want to avoid the whole iPhone-specific theme (there's already a couple available anyways) and simply make it a good looking mobile theme.
New design is up! Check it out:

Hello all, the GoMobile public beta is available now. See signature or OP for linker.

There's probably gonna be issues (as there always is), but they should be tiny Toungue


zomg over 1200 views and not one reply Sad
just kidding
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