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That's great. I planned to try it once my exams are over. Will beta test it then. Lol.
So if i install this with the current plugins i have, what will happen? Will they work? Can my theme still be seen?

Thanks Smile
Looks Great Scoutie!

Just tried it on my local server, loaded up the iPhone Mode on Safari and it looks awesome.


However, on the download, the theme xml is in the plugins folder.
It's supposed to be. Tomm set it up that way so it can install it automatically Wink

Glad you like it though!
So when you install the plugin it installs the theme too?
The most must-have plugin for MyBB.
(11-27-2010, 12:33 AM)Lyndon D. Wrote: [ -> ]So when you install the plugin it installs the theme too?

Yes. It was mainly because I had a complicated setup in place for setting up the theme redirects properly.

Plans for future versions (some site-based):

- Enhanced documentation
- Custom color generator (basically input a hex code or something like that, and it generates the appropriate XML)
- Dark & light base themes
- Any [accepted] features

No current ETA for anything (though there should be an update in a few weeks tops), so please don't ask Toungue
Very great job, definitely going to be using this on my forums, and a new one i am releasing soon Smile
[Image: gmpbeta2.png]

Beta 2 is now available, updated OP.
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