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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.1.1 Released
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You may dicuss MyBB 1.1.1 Released here.
lol, 1.1.1. Upgrading my forums right now! Smile

Edit: Forums upgraded successfully without any problems Big Grin I love how the MyBB Group releases more minor upgrades like these...

(yay, first post!)

Great, I'll be upgrading my boards in a bit.
To those of you who have already applied the patch, one of the necessary fixes wasn't fully included.

Please see the following post:
There is no need to change language files?
__MACOSX what is this folder for
Good job!
imei must really be bored...
lol well it is his job i guess! look at his site's name

regarding the __MACOSX
No need to upload it dont worry, it is like a macos system auto generated file, if you see it contains DS_Store.
DS_Store holds the information which controls the way a folder will be opened in Mac OS.

Maybe this zip file was compiled using Mac.

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