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Full Version: FASTyle 2.3
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FASTyle 1.1 is out
FASTyle has been updated with significant improvements and bug fixes.
  • Addressed Omar G.'s bug in which a blank page would pop up if the admin would save a template with security problems.
  • Added a spinner feedback when saving a template or a theme to provide a smoother user experience.
  • Added support for theme editing in Simple Mode.
  • Errors are now displayed correctly.
  • Introduced a keyboard shortcut (CTRL/CMD + S) to save without touching the saving button.

To update, simply overwrite the old files. Uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin is not required and necessary neither.
I'll have to try the update soon. The plugin is nice from how I've been using it.
For all of you who have downloaded version 1.1 prior to this post, download the new (#4) build from the Mods Site which contains a quick fix for the new keyboard shortcut feature (wasn't saving anything because the form data were cached).

FASTyle 1.1.1 is out
To avoid confusion, I have released a minor update to FASTyle which contains the ultimate fix for the keyboard shortcut bug.
superb plugin the best plugin ever
Shade killing it as always. Nice.
Forgive me, how does it ( this feature ) help a normal user ?
It doesn't. It is designed to help theme developers (and forum administrators of course) changing css stylesheets and templates times faster and easier. Normal users are not affected by the plugin.
It's alive and awesome !
Thank you Smile
Your plugin is amazing !
Great plugin, thanks!

One thing: the button "Save and Return to Listing" it doesn't work should as it should work
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