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Full Version: FASTyle 2.3
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Thank you very much @Shade! The bug with saving templates was really annoying!
FASTyle 2.0 is out
This is a massive rewrite with a lot of new features and improvements:
  • AJAXed interface
  • Diff comparator
  • Quick mode
  • State memory
  • Stylesheets quick reordering
  • Distractions-free mode
  • Custom dark theme
  • Sublime Text keymap
  • Revamped find and replace

You can find a detailed explanation of each new feature in the release thread.

[Image: j8EgyNi.png]

To upgrade from older versions, uninstall FASTyle, upload the new files and install it again.
Shade, I am finally getting around to installing this one my test board and let me say that I was blown away by this awesome plugin!

I thought the 1 series was awesome, but this update is seriously about the best theming/development tool in my arsenal now.

Thanks for your continued contributions to the community. We are all in your debt.
This plugin is god, thanks again Shade!
Should really be integrated into future versions of MyBB, it reduces themes development time considerably.
FASTyle 2.1 is out
This is a bugfix and feature release, bringing MyBB 1.8.20 compatibility. Read the changelog and download the new version here.
FASTyle 2.2 is out
This is a bugfix and theming release. Read the changelog and download the new version here.
My issue:

Warning [2] require(/home/r******m/m******.com/admin/modules/style/fastyle.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory - Line: 821 - File: admin/index.php PHP 5.6.40 (Linux)

edit: I solved my issue. Sorry for this post. :')
You are missing the file listed there. Gotta upload the plugin as a whole, not just the pieces you want.
I forgot modules files! :lol:
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